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Agent Orange - When You Least Expect It

Restless, 1987, CD

Back in the 90s when I was still at school and started buying records I would like The offspring or Social Distortion and would read about them aswell. There would be this talk of Orange County bands like Agent Orange but I never had enough money to take a chance on their records. I gambled once on a Suicidal Tendencies record and I didn't like it mainly because the production in the 80s made everything sound sucky. Records were a lot of money in those days aswell. I would have to save my dinner money for a few weeks and that meant I wanted something to smash it totally.

Anyway here we are now when money is no object and records ( on CD at least ) are dirt cheap.

Well, it's quite a good band to hear now. I can tell it would be good in the day. I can see how Social D or The Offspring have some similiarities. I love the vocals and the riffing.

Obviously the age of it means that it now sounds ancient and so some young kid won't get this and think it rules typically.

Probably I will check out some more of their records now as this is only 6 tracks.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2013

Keywords : punk rock orange county punk rock

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