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Beneath The Sky - In Loving Memory

Victory, 2009, CD

It's now hard to distinguish which of these mall screamo bands are any good. There is now such a stench of in-authenticity around this type of modern musical concoction that it has become a bit of a circus and is no longer emanating with the exciting energy of the underground.

So with this I am in two minds. There is enough to like about it with plenty of decent riffs and parts and it is probably better than most of these FATA tribute bands, but then there is this feeling of this overly-polished type of band that started to come about once all the other trends had died off around 2003. If you were in high school maybe it would be ok to listen these bands and for it to really mean something and buzz you but it's getting a bit strained now this style for me.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2013

Keywords : screamo metalcore

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