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Love Is Red - The Hardest Fight

Stillborn, 2004, CD, Vinyl

This is quite good. It reminds me of the first As Friends Rust EP, "The Fists Of Time". Like this kind of modern hardcore/punk mixed with melody. There are so many bands though I can think of when I listen to this but they have their own style, like a unique mix of old-school-type hardcore.

I like the sleeve though and the title because it makes me think someone is bothered about something. Instead of this malaise of drone/doom/sludge nothingness or these plastic hardcore haircut fashion tossers... here I'm thinking maybe the botheredness leads to something, like some spirit is here, which is how it sounds when I listen to it.

So really it's one of the better records I have heard this year.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-11-2013

Keywords : hardcore

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