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A Love Ends Suicide - In The Disaster

Metal Blade, 2006, CD

In this metalcore/screamo explosion in the US since about 2003 this is one of the best I have heard.

At first I thought "oh here we go, those vocals that all these bands have" but the guitars are just so good and so I stopped caring about the vocals.

They are just doing so much to make it interesting and colourful. Some even in a major key.

It's just a real buzz because it fits together so well, much better than 99% of these bands.

Reminds me of the unique screamo band Fordirelifesake, which is rare as so few bands can match them in intensity and virtuosity.

Really one of the best records I have heard in this style.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-11-2013

Keywords : screamo

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