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Moria - No Light Ahead

Process, 2007, CD, Vinyl

What happens now is that these bands on like Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade, these like modern metal bands... it's just all sorts going on.

The influences are from all over. Different metal styles converge to make this bludgeoning headfuck on most of these records I listen to from about 2005 onwards.

In the 90s this record would have been absolutely devastating and remarkable. Such is the heaviness and coverage of different styles.

The vocals are sick. The riffs are berzerk and beatdowns are devastating. There is much to listen to and appreciate. You need to learn a record like this. There are more technical bands though if you are looking for that.

I've just heard so many of these type of bands recently so it's hard for me to get that into it that much.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-11-2013

Keywords : alternative metal metalcore

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