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Diesel Boy - Cock Rock

Honest Dons, 1996, CD, Vinyl

This is quite a nostalgia inducing band for me. It's this happy kind of vibe some of these punk revival bands had in the 90s. It wasn't some pissed off raging anger or snotty disgust, it was much more good time music. Perhaps evoking memories of 50s diners and bowling and wholesome America and all that. There is some punk rock spirit of course and the music has the influence of some of it but it's hard to really describe it as "punk rock".

I really like the vocals though. It's deeper sounding than some of the bands from that time that had quite nasally, whining vocalists - this is more like Bouncing Souls where it sounds really hearty. It gives the music a jolly, upbeat, although still quite raucous feel at times.

The songs are simple, catchy, fun tunes.

It's not fashionable this kind of music anymore but if you go back and want to hear what it was all about, then after all the usual names, Diesel Boy is a fun listen.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-11-2013

Keywords : punk revival

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