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Switchblade - s/t

Cyclop, 2005, CD, vinyl

This is more doom actually than black metal.

I can almost get into this.

Just long pieces of straggering morbidity.

Like if you went to some weird art theatre and saw some avant-garde production of weird bodies laying about smeared in excrement writhing around while some cloaked figures danced around them. Proper weird dark art bollox. Not for everyone. The opposite of Madonna's Holiday at the peak spiritual flux of 80s innocence on some beach somewhere.

What the fuck am I talking about. I know what I mean.

Listen, the second track is a similar affair. Long, drawn out, no beats to a bar. Occasional vocals that don't remind me of weird evil creatures in woods growling to themselves. Quite a lot more mainstream than most black metal or doom. Maybe if you were into Joy Division or early Cure or some other dark pop shit you could even get this.

Better than a lot of these types of bands in these doom scene because they do actually create some kind of prophetic ambience.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-11-2013

Keywords : black metal doom

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