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Culture - Born Of You

Good Life, 1998, CD, Vinyl

This came out originally on Conquer the World in '95 but then was re-released by Good Life of Belgium in 1998.
This record influenced a lot of bands in the vegan straight-edge scene at the time which became pretty big at one point. What happened to all that... I don't know, a lot could be written about it. The record is a good introduction to that style with some great songs. It has all the works... chugging riffs, breakdowns, evil sounding slayer riffs, spoken parts, backup vocals and Damien Moyal's great vocal style. The lyrics are about not taking drugs and not drinking and all that jazz. Some of the band went on to form Morning Again which I would say is more accomplished and well-produced.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-11-2011

Keywords : straight-edge vegan metalcore holy terror good life john wylie damien moyal florida hardcore

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