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Overcast - Reborn To Kill Again

Metal Blade, 2008, CD, Vinyl

I remembering listening to this band around 1999 with their "Fight Ambition To Kill" record. I liked that because it was just a good metal record.

This is similar. There are even some tracks of that record here. I don't know if they re-recorded it or what.

It doesn't grate on me like these other bands where there is some ham-fisted vocals and cliched riffs. It just feels different even though at times it does sound like a mainstream band such as Metallica. It's got a unique kind of style and groove to it.

There are much more sophisticated and technical bands now but I prefer this to a lot of what I hear on labels like Metal Blade and Century Media.

Reviewed by indigo on 28-10-2013

Keywords : alternative metal

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