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Narcosis - Discography 1998 - 2007 : Best Served Cold

Earache, 2008, CD

This is a record.

Here you have their 2 records plus splits with Melt Banana, Morose, Brutal Truth and Swarrrm.

This is some of the best grindcore that the UK produced. In the late 90s there were a few of these bands like Narcosis, Canvas and The Kervorkian Solution that were playing this slapstick technical grind. Absolute quality. Proper grindcore aswell not some fancy bollox.

So many technical, sick riffs and manic drumming. Sometimes I laugh out loud at one riff or drum fill or something - like a crazy person laughing to himself.

It reminds me of Japanese grindcore because of that level of twisted sickness and not botheredness. Like before anything became known and copied and fucked with by haircuts. Just the pure joy of such deviance.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-10-2013

Keywords : grindcore

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