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As Friends Rust - Eleven Songs

Doghouse, 2001, CD

This collects together their 2 EPs "The Fists Of Time" and "God Hour". Both are very good records for fans of heavy and alternative music. They differ in style somewhat with the Fists of Time sounding more raw and metallic with screamed vocals. Each song has spirit and passion with Damien Moyal's distinctive singing/shouting style that adds a lot to the songs. I'm not sure what I could compare this to, maybe all comparisons are not really relevant here - they have their own unique sound. Anyone who likes any of the other related bands from Florida will like this though I'm sure.
The God Hour EP has a different style slightly, more refined, not as metallic. The songs are well written, catchy and memorable and "Coffee Black" is a real classic, worth checking out just for that.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-11-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore florida hardcore damien moyal

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