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Ignite - Call On My Brothers

Revelation, 2000, CD, Vinyl

This ia good melodic old school hardcore record from 2000. You could call this style "posi-core" because it's upbeat and has an overall positive message.

It has better production than their previous records and it sticks to faster, more hardcore type of sound than later records.

It's the essential Ignite record but also an essential item in posi-core history.

Fans of mainstream punk revival bands could also get into it because it's not far from that kind of sound.

It's not really a style that really exists that much anymore. Everything became much darker and this would now be seen as naively optimistic and upbeat.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-10-2013

Keywords : old school hardcore punk revival posi-core

This record rated by users : 2 ( out of 5 ) from 2 votes.