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Divinity - Allegory

Nuclear Blast, 2008, CD

I can't get on with this.

One berzerk riff after another. Then a beatdown. Then some mosh riffs. Then another bezerk riff. One guy screams. Another guy screams. Then some guy sings a few words.

It's all blindingly impressive technically but each element just sounds so generic without it fitting into any kind of memorable songs or hooks.

Occasionally there are. Maybe 2 out of the 10 songs I remember and seem like they are well worked out.

Sometimes with this kind of band if you listen to it a lot, it doesn't matter about songs because you learn all the pieces and then you get into all of it, like every riff.

There is such a tendency now to abandon song structures to appear more technically impressive or whatever but I think with this it could rule more if they just laid some songs down that build up and break down and lead to emphatic heights and memorable pieces.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-10-2013

Keywords : alternative metal death metal

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