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Sinai Beach - When Breath Escapes

Facedown, 2002, CD

This is metalcore from 2002. It's not bad but doesn't really do much for me when I hear it now. I never really listened to them at the time of the record being released.

It reminds me of Indecision a bit or Throwdown. Like this bludgeoning style, not really soaring along like some death metal inspired affair but more going in and out of different riffs and phases. Not really a standard pattern to it or songs as such. Sometimes there is some singing or spoken word but mainly it's bludgeoning vocals over mosh riffs. The vocals remind me of Indecision or Vision Of Disorder.

At the time I think I would have rated it more, but now it just seems too similar to a lot of other bands to really make me get that into it.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-10-2013

Keywords : metalcore

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