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Coalesce - 0:12 Revolution In Just Listening

Relapse, 1999, CD, Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

Towards the end of the 90s there were various new avenues in heavy metal emerging from the underground.

It was an exciting time because the bands seemed to have a new kind of spark that mixed heaviness with the raw energy of the punk and hardcore underground. A new level of rock and roll if you like.

A new level of not giving a fuck.

A bunch of fuckups in a dirty underground basement of some bar listening to some headfuckers from a strange North American state presenting a peculiar style of hardcore-metal subversion.

So there was Coalesce. Mixing different styles throughout the whole spectrum of guitar music into this sickening, bludgeoned, beastial brutalisation.

When I tried to understand humanity once, I came to the conclusion that originally it was just Botch, Converge and Coalesce that were worth listening during the Michaelmas term of 1999.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-10-2013

Keywords : alternative metal southern rock sludge metal 90s chaotic hardcore

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