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Evergreen Terrace - Buried Alive By Time

Eulogy, 2002, CD, Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

I liked it when this band released that covers record. I thought it would suck but infact some of those songs like "Plowed" and "Maniac" which were fairly obscure hits, ruled.

This though is their second record from 2002.

Listening now it's clear that this style moved on a lot in terms of technicality. I think suddenly everyone started playing in these kind of bands and so the guys that would normally be in death metal or cock rock bands who could play guitar, now turned themselves onto these screamo bands and the technicality improved a lot even though half the bands sucked.

I preferred it before though - you know that if you read this shit.

I quite like this though. It's got some sincerity to it that you can't fake. I prefer sincerity over technicality any day of the week.

The songs are pretty good though aswell with mainly brutal mosh riffs and then some melodic parts. Even some acoustic. The singing doesn't irritate me either.

It's quite old now though but they re-released it on coloured vinyl in 2009. Maybe try and get hold of that rather than watch X-Factor tonight?

Reviewed by indigo on 17-10-2013

Keywords : screamo florida hardcore

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