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Killing The Dream - Fractures

Deathwish, 2008, CD, Vinyl

I think it's one of the best modern sounding hardcore bands along with Comeback Kid and one or two others.

This record carries on from 2005's In Place Apart.

It's got such a desperate sound to the vocals that makes it rule. You can't have these bands where it sounds middle of the road, or contrived... it has to be at the edge of desperation, at the absolute edge of everything. Then it rules. So they manage that. It sounds emphatic and passionate and like something is happening that you might want to know about. Some kind of life energy instead of these dull as fuck bands.

The songs are good though, it's not just the vocals. They have resisted the temptation to turn into some emo/singing/melody bollox. It has melody of course, but it's not this mall screamo or anything.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-10-2013

Keywords : hardcore

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