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Order of Ennead - An Examination Of Being

Earache, 2010, CD

I don't know if this is black metal but it seems that way in some of the music and especially the vocals. It also sounds like some death metal influences and there are several solos in more classic metal style.

It's not bad at all. Usually I can't listen to black metal because it reminds me of these faux evil pricks in makeup which nobody can relate to apart from Anders Breivik ( yeah I've been an outcast, a loner, a fuckup, but still I didn't end up in some woods masturbating while growling at the full moon ).

Anyway it has something going on here and the concepts and lyrics in the words and songs is related to more profound subjects than a lot of bands that I have come across. On that basis alone you could approach this and try and listen to it a lot more as a whole piece.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-10-2013

Keywords : black metal death metal

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