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Tub Ring - Fermi Paradox

Deezal, 2002, CD, Vinyl

I thought this would be like some math-grind Mr Bungle sick lunacy.

It's not really like that. It's more like Atom And His Package.

I don't really know if I like it because it's so quirky.

It's entertaining perhaps. It's so all over the place; part this, part that, keyboards, singing, speaking, nerdiness, heaviness, operatic, chaotic.

Reminds me of this 90s band Cake who had some hits. Like if they got fucked up on a combination of PCP, LSD and crack.

Is it good? I don't think I like it but I'm sure it could entertain people if that is what you want.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-10-2013

Keywords : experimental rock avant garde

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