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Zao - Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest

Solid State, 1998, CD, Vinyl

Another metalcore record from the 90s.

Another one that rules.

Maybe some people dismissed them as some people don't like Christianity and perhaps think it's not possible to make a Christian metal band that rules. I don't agree with that. What these people will never understand is that spiritual faith and religious ecstacy translates well into what is required to make a good hardcore or metal band. Without that it could just be a bunch of fashion posers making some lame rip-off music. I'm sick of talking about this aspect of it all. You either get it or you don't. It's beyond some bunch of concepts.

Anyway the vocals here are what rule the most in my opinion. It's almost sounding like some Black Metal because it's like a growl. It's like a very deep and profound sound and so it works with the music which sounds like a combination of different metal and hardcore influences and not so much death metal or hardcore or this or that.

The last track is an instrumental which you sometimes find on these records where it's not just some chest beaters.

Really it's a unique band in the history of metalcore and one that was right up there in my opinion.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-10-2013

Keywords : metalcore

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