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Tortuga - Kings Of Albany

In At The Deep End, Anchors Aweigh, 2008, CD, Pink Vinyl

This is real cheery stuff. I can imagine folks waltzing down the Boulevard drinking Sunny D in Santa Monica or somewhere listening to this while they plan a

trip to the beach. I gotta laugh.

It begins like some sickened beast of the underworld, some type of Cthulhu creature, fancying a trip out to the surface for the first time in 10000 years.

Roaring and unfurling, vomiting and slithering in some kind of monumental epic of sludge doom misery.

That alone could finish a person off, like these faint hearted types.
After that it gets going into faster, somewhat chaotic post-hardcore. Still very dark and sickened but more, er, of a "song" feel to it.

Later on we get back to more sludge doom misery with spoken words.

There is even some cheery ditty over a few piano chords later on.

After half of it though I had to listen to some more milder shit like Integrity just to reset things internally and so I could continue unscathed.

One for the lounge in the Ambassador's Reception I think.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-10-2013

Keywords : sludge metal doom metal post hardcore avant garde holy terror the ambassadors reception

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