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Torn Apart - Ten Songs For The Bleeding Hearts

Goodlife, Ferret, 1999, CD, Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

This is another record from '99 for a change. It was released on CD in the US on Ferret and on Vinyl in Europe by Goodlife.

Again it's a good hardcore record. Metallic hardcore with chaotic and brutal elements.

How can you go wrong? You can't unless you are watching X-Factor.

They play a similar style to bands like Nora, Every Time I Die and One King Down along with a host of others.

Occasionally there are slower parts where it sounds more like Deadguy or some sludgecore. Usually though there is this kind of chaotic, up and down, jiggy rhythm with desperate sceaming over the top.

Although this has become passe since then with all kinds of people playing and listening to this stuff, at the time it was still quite Avant-garde especially in the UK. Most regular metallers listened all this stuff they thought was brutal but really it was not. Most of it was a circus. After a while some of these people got turned to bands like this because they realised how much less these

bands gave a fuck about stage makeup and how genuine it was as quite a deep form of expression. What happened then though was a gradual defiling of the true spirit of the underground from which these bands came to the point whereby 90% of these screaming vocalists on records now sound about as genuine as Jimmy Saville.

The end.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-10-2013

Keywords : metalcore 90s chaotic hardcore

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