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Watch Them Die - Watch Them Die

Century Media, 2003, CD

A lot of these bands want some sick artwork on the cover, like the classic heavy metal style picture of some horrific deeds or some apocalyptical landscape. It's just how it is since Maiden, 'Priest etc. If you can't get an artist to do that then what do you do? Have the guys on the cover looking like badasses? A photo of a vase on a table or some other prententious bollox? Well, you have to have some diabolical image or scene so without an artist you have to use computer graphics. That's what they did here. "Bastard Son" as the record is called got treated to that. At first I thought it sucked because I've seen these covers before and it usually means the music is naive, but I looked at it closely here for a while and I started to like it. I started to think it ruled. I forgot about all those lame nu-metal bands I had demos of.

Ok so the music is like this neo-thrash style that started to become popular again ( for some it never went away ). It always reminds me of the 80s with these bands with horror movies that ruled and the original thrash bands from the US. It felt like a great time. So there is kudos for bringing that back.

Now the production on the records is better and sometimes there are other influences coming in. Here it's mainly standard thrash songs with some beatdowns and death metal riffs occasionally. The vocals are half growled, half shouted with sometimes some higher screeching backing vocals or some spoken bits. Sometimes there is some epic melodic bit with some sampled vocals. All sorts happens because the songs are between 4 and 8 minutes. Overall I thought it might be more naive and under developed, perhaps from the cover, but really they know how to do this business and I think everyone who likes Thrash will like this.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-10-2013

Keywords : thrash metal

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