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One King Down - God Loves, Man Kills

Equal Vision, 1998, CD, Vinyl

This is another solid metalcore release on Equal Vision from the late 90s. From New York, they remind me of the other New York band of the same era Indecision, with the vocals and some other elements. Also the band 108. The songs are like 3 and 4 minutes long and have various parts to them, not just the usual verse, chorus, breakdown etc. Sometimes there is a solo or slower meandering part with some spoken words or some other kind of bridge. The production isn't as meaty as on more recent records but at the time it didn't seem to be that way. Infact I used to listen to something like Bad Brains from the 80s and I think how much the sound and richness and texture had improved when I was listening these kind of bands in the late 90s. Now it's come on a lot more than that. Still though it doesn't matter that much as it's still very listenable.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-10-2013

Keywords : metalcore

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