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Remembering Never - Suffocates My Words To You

One Day Saviour, 2001, CD

I was thinking this would be some FATA or Poison The Well tribute but it's pretty good. 2001, so the sound was quite raw and nothing that polished. Some of it reminds me of Red Roses For A Blue Lady in a good way. Specifically the first track. The rest is a mix of influences in this emo-metal-hardcore style that some people term "screamo". It is quite different from regular metalcore though in that there is melody and sung parts and some feelings of sentimentality, broken heartedness and outpouring of emotion. I like the vocals in these kind of bands when they sound sincere and raw, which they do here, both the screamed and sung parts, and so this for me is on a level of these other early screamo/metalcore bands that didn't suck.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-10-2013

Keywords : screamo metalcore

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