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This Day Forward - Fragments Of An Untold Story Born By Shunning The Opportunity

Eulogy, 2001, CD

This is from the time when you had these Florida bands like Bird Of Ill Omen, Bloodlet, Dragbody and also bands from Europe playing this early metal-emo-hardcore mix. It's way before these polished metalcore stars of the Arena and chart stardom. It's really quite raw and brutal and from the underground. It's not for the masses. That came along later when all the idiots realised that most of these bands had more spirit and passion than the whole scene of whatever they were into before that.

It has the desperate sounding screaming along with spoken parts and some melody and lead guitar riffs along with heaviness of early metalcore and brutality of hardcore. It reminds me of Bird Of Ill Omen a lot and early Poison The Well but with less melody but also a whole host of other bands on Genet, Ferret, Lifeforce, Scorched Earth and Eulogy.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-10-2013

Keywords : metalcore chaotic 90s hardcore

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