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Tidfall - Instinct Gate

Nuclear Blast, 2001, CD, Vinyl

The thing with this black metal business is that I have tried on occasions to get into it but I can't get on with the vocals. Are they meant to sound brutal and dark? I'm sorry they just don't. It just sounds like some weird kids messing about, prancing about in costumes in some kind of theatre. I can't take it as seriously as a lot of it seems to take itself. Maybe if they just quit the makeup and the faux evil bullshit and had a different vocal style I could get into it. There was this one band Dead Blue Sky that I onced liked but that was coming from a different background. Maybe I just heard the wrong bands aswell and saw only a part of it. I kinda feel like it has more to offer.

Anyway I wanted to find out more about these bands and this was a record I got hold of even though it was released in 2001.

It's not bad actually. I still find the vocals difficult to get into but the music is pretty good and it's well produced, certainly not like one of these lo-fi black metal recordings. It's quite technical and symphonic with keyboards and plenty of complex riffs and patterns. Some impressive bits. It's kinda like an Opera. It has that kind of feel especially with the vocals and how they alternate between high and low and how there is this build up of tension and drama. Like some epic saga or story, racing through the Carpathian mountains chasing goblins or something. It could rule in that sense for some people because then it's much more than just a bunch of brutal songs, it turns into like a big epic piece of music.

I don't really know much else about this style to compare it to anything else or say much else. These are just my impressions having listened to very few black metal bands. It really needs someone here to write about black metal. If you want to you can contact me.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-10-2013

Keywords : black metal symphonic black metal

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