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Champion - Promises Kept

Bridge Nine, 2004, CD, Vinyl

A friend of the family, a good kid, who has listened to Brit Pop his whole life and seen plenty of bands live asked me the other day about all this "terrible" music that I listen to. He wanted to listen some of it and get an idea of what it was about. The meat and potatoes of it all. So I thought for a minute about putting Converge on or some other diabolical inferno but then I realised he needed to hear a good example of the whole job. I could have played some old school record but I thought it better that it wasn't something that sounded like it was recorded in a biscuit tin. He got a load of this classic youth crew/old school hardcore sound that Champion blast out. I don't know what he thought of it, I'm not bothered, as long as he doesn't speak to me again about the Bluetones reforming.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-11-2011

Keywords : straight-edge old school hardcore bridge nine 88 hardcore

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