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Endeavor - Constructive Semantics

Trustkill, 1997, CD, Vinyl

This a real solid sounding hardcore record from the late 90s. Maybe not so well known about compared with other bands, I think it's up there.

It kind of reminds me of these bands like American Nightmare that came along after the millenium where it was very straight forward and pissed off sounding without too much melody. That's what is going on here. Fairly fast paced songs with occasional slower parts or slower songs. Not so much metalcore or youth crew, just like raging hardcore.

The solid production does it justice but it still sounds quite raw and brutal.

The vocals are really good, just pissed off, sickened but without sounding contrived at all. I mean it's the real thing, it's a hardcore record not some emo-metal-cock-rock bollox.

Probably was one of the best hardcore records of that year.

Reviewed by indigo on 04-10-2013

Keywords : hardcore new jersey hardcore

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