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Have Heart - 10.17.09

Bridge Nine, 2009, CD+DVD, Vinyl

This is what it's about.

Since about 2004 I was so out of this whole scene and even stopped listening to all music for a while, but this is a band that I became aware of and I liked. They seem like a young band to me still but when this came out in 2009 they had been on the go for 6 or 7 years.

A proper hardcore band. I really feel something when I watch the DVD here and listen to it. So much of this heavy, defiant sounding music just washes over me - a bunch of cliches paraded around by kids who should be doing something else, who never understood what it meant any of this or where it really comes from. Of course it's more than just the music - anyone who was ever touched by this on any level knows that.

When you don't have anything else, then it's everything.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-10-2013

Keywords : hardcore old school hardcore boston hardcore

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