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Misery Signals - Of Malice And The Magnum Heart

Ferret, 2004, CD, LP

Really what you are trying to capture in music and as a band is something that evokes spirit. In yourself and in others. It doesn't matter what style we are talking about. Something that comes from that ineffable and majestic realm.

Often what happens is that these bands have part of their heads and hearts in that and part of them in some ideas from some scene or style. Then you have these records where some of the time I feel that timeless greatness but then sometimes I just end up recognising some cliches from a particular over-cooked style or sound that I know was borrowed from some other band or set of bands.

This is what was happening here when I first listened to it. I mean look, some of these bands I just don't hear any timeless majesty, I just hear a big pile of suck that I never want to hear ever again. That happens often since about 2003.

So here on their first record they have something occasionally in some passages. It reminds me of Hopesfall in a lot of ways. It has the same composition style of irregular song structures and the frail, ethereal pieces combined with heaviness. A lot of it is very well put together. There are too many issues with it though for me to really get that into it. I'm afraid since listening to hardcore for years and years a lot of these band's vocals often sound contrived and here I just can't tell but it sounds too much like one of these From Autumn To Ashes parody/tribute bands.

Overall though I think it's one of the better bands in this "screamo" style and if you were really into Hopesfall, Thursday, FATA, Poison The Well and all that then this would rule.

Reviewed by indigo on 02-10-2013

Keywords : screamo

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