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Against All Authority - The Restoration Of Chaos And Order

Hopeless, 2006, CD, Vinyl

So by 2006 this ska-punk revival movement had lost a lot of popularity and a lot of young kids were now into some very bad bands that they thought were cool. Infact this style of ska and pop punk was now seen by these kids as very uncool and quite ancient. Well they didn't know anything but times change.

For some people though these bands never went away and there were still good records coming out almost a decade after it was at its peak of popularity.

Here Against All Authority release their 4th album, nearly 11 years after the first in 1995 and 6 years after the last one. Some of these bands just play the same style regardless of which decade they are releasing a record. Here though they have slowed things up a bit for the most part. Before it was fast and rabid, unrelenting hardcore punk with the occasional slow ska parts. Now they slowed up the pace to these mid-paced punk-rock-n-roll anthems. Like where you could sing-a-long a bit where the vocals are clearer and it's less frenetic. There are still ska parts with horns but it's not now like a breakdown, just more flowing with the song. Rancid did a bit of this and it's in that vein. In the later half of the record there are some faster songs that remind me of the stuff on the early records.

I really enjoyed listening to this, seeing how the band had progressed and remembering old times before emo bullshit.

Reviewed by indigo on 02-10-2013

Keywords : punk-revival ska-punk

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