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Fordirelifesake - A Daydream Disaster

Thorp, 2005, CD, Vinyl

Fordirelifesake never really got that big compared to some of these bands like Alexisonfire or Thursday or half the shizer that was trying to rip off the first From Autumn To Ashes or Poison The Well record. Most of those bands didn't have a fraction of the talent but managed to make a more acceptable sound to the masses of scene maggots that appeared sometime after the millenium. What you had with Fordirelifesake was a much rawer sound and with much less adherence to song structures and conventions. The vocals were much less refined than these plastic, contrived, screaming fuckheads in other bands but it was much more real sounding. The riffs are what made the sound though and they were just berzerk; all over the place but in such an extravagant, decadent, uplighting way. A lot are in a major key and so it gives a much different feel than the usual morbidity. Some of it was unreal and completely unparalleled at the time. Every song is like some staggering journey into and out of the solar system of some unknown world. Nobody came close. Half the other bands around 2001 that were gearing up to dump the nu-metal costumes and form these kind of bands were still figuring out the chords to Green Day songs.

Anyway here we have a bunch of stuff off their EPs collected together and re-mastered. There is the debut self-titled, the split with Wafflehouse, the split with Deluge and the split with Hewhocorrupts. Some people think these are better than the stuff on the full-lengths, but I'm not so sure. The Wafflehouse songs are on a par. The Deluge split - I don't think so. There is the cover of The Cure's Love Song aswell which rules much more than most covers. What I like is that there are none of these accoustic songs or half-brutal-half-accoustic. I never could get on with them putting those songs on the records. I had to listen enough foul accoustic indie bollox at band night at University.

I think you should get this though.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-09-2013

Keywords : screamo

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