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Madball - Look My Way

Roadrunner, 1998, CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Once I had a miserable day where I could not feel the Lord's presence and I missed some lectures and so I went to the record fair and got a copy of this record as a promo in a card sleeve.

I think at the time I wasn't really into hardcore, I was still listening to nu-metal and some other more regular rock bands. This got me more into hardcore definitely. I think this happened for a few kids because bands like this and Sick Of It All were featured in the regular rock magazines in the UK and Madball were on Roadrunner. Back then it was not such a big thing hardcore, it was quite obscure. There was not this huge explosion in bands and all the different sub-genres.

Anyway, I think this is my favourite Madball record although I know a lot of people see Demonstrating My Style as the best. I just like the sound here, not so much that the songs are greater, but the sound they capture. So many other bands try and sound brutal and tough but honestly they don't come close. The vocals here are so hard. But it's not some big effort like these other bands have to go to where they scream or sound guttural or beast-like, here it's just his normal voice for dealing with suckas day-to-day. That's what is so great about this band, it just sounds real in a scene which is now overrun by unreality. I mean honestly, out of about 10 random heavy records, 9 are just trying hard to sound heavy and brutal and that's how it comes across.

What else I liked here I remember is that before I got this I kind of thought that hardcore was this fast, almost punk sound, like the old old bands from the 80s. Here though it's more mid-paced, metallic and with that groove that NYHC bands have.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-09-2013

Keywords : hardcore thugcore nyhc freddy cricien

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