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Kids Like Us - Outta Control

Eulogy, 2005, CD, Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

I thought there were no good bands on Eulogy after about 2002. I thought it was bands copying From Autumn To Ashes "Too Bad You're Beautiful", or even bands parodying the bands copying From Autumn To Ashes "Too Bad You're Beautiful", or even bands just covering From Autumn To Ashes. Well fuck all that because this is some old school sounding hardcore.

What I like about this is that the singer sounds absolutely sickened and like he is squeezing out the words while wearing a gauze of misery. Like every word is the most amount of effort any human being could make. I mean he could be doing some brutal job like pounding those goons in Brave New World that hand out the Soma, or sifting for gold in some unholy southern state during the Great Depression. You wouldn't even know it because he could do that simultaneously such is the level of not-giving-a-fuck true-til-death vibe here.

The music starts with the old-school hardcore feel but then more slower breakdowns and some solos and even some swamp metal feel sometimes whatever that is. Every song is over within 2 minutes apart from the last and so there are no 20 minute excursions into some dull misery where some pretentious art-fuckers play a note every few minutes as a way of expressing how god felt one day.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-09-2013

Keywords : hardcore

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