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A Thousand Falling Skies - The Wilting

Stillborn, 2004, CD

Before I even put this on I know what it's going to be just going on the name and the sleeve. 

I'm not completely against these kind of bands. I used to like Poison The Well, From Autumn To Ashes and Thursday about a million years ago. But it just became overrun with bands that don't actually have any true spirit or expression and come from the place where everyone was trying to get away from.

When you are a teenage fuckup you go and watch these bands that no one cares about in these basements of small pubs in rough areas and they blow you away. You go because you are trying to get away from the masses and the prevailing culture and all the horseshit that exists there that is screwing your soul night and day. You find something that is unique. You think "fucking hell there are other people like me who don't give a fuck and know what a crock of shit everything is". Then the whole evil, foul thing that exists out there starts to seep in under the door. The meatheads, the fashion whores, the poseurs, the maggots. Before long it doesn't even resemble anything that brought you there in the first place.

I'm talking generally, I don't want to lay anything on this band. I wouldn't bother writing about a band that I really don't like. It's too easy to do that behind a keyboard and even those bands I don't like or think are responsible for this or that have good people in them sometimes.

What they did here anyway is pretty good. Some of it is quite technical for this style. Like From Autumn To Ashes but with more complicated and faster riffs and more of a death metal influence perhaps. Yes, it has that feel of these screamo bands from after about 2003 but they really do it quite well for it to appeal strongly to anyone who liked any of those older bands I mentioned. If this had of come out in the late 90s it would have blown people away.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-09-2013

Keywords : screamo

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