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Candiria - Surrealistic Madness

Too Damn Hype, Emetic, 1996, CD, Clear Vinyl

In the mid 90s there was this idea of "madness" or "sickness". Like as if that had to be in the music to max out the rock and roll debauchery. Before that it wasn't like that, it was just singing about proper subjects like romance or drinking that everyone could understand. But then you had Faith No More and some metal bands and before long there was a whole slew of circus acts probably reaching its zenith with nu-metal where the sole idea was to "bring the sickness". It kind of got on my tits because I preferred cock rock to that where they just sing about "love". Some of the more interesting bands from that time genuinely just tried to make berzerk, experimental music without all the rest of the nonsense.
Mr Bungle, Nuclear Rabbit, Naked City, Candiria, etc.

So here this is Candiria's first full length and the title mentions "madness" and a lot of the track titles have something like that in them.
The music has a basic mid 90s alt-metal foundation with some heavy breakdowns but with a lot of variation and changes into jazzy interludes with other instruments or just passages of noisy ambience. The vocals are screamed and growled. For 1996 it's really quite something. You would have to say then there wasn't so much like that... maybe Mr Bungle is the closest comparison or Mr Bungle's cousin Secret Chiefs 3. John Zorn did some thing like this too. Fans of those bands will really like this but equally you could have metal fans who want to go off the beaten track a bit and find something

Reviewed by indigo on 06-09-2013

Keywords : avant-garde groove metal alternative metal experimental rock free jazz noise

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