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Against All Authority - All Fall Down

Hopeless, 1998, CD, Vinyl, Cassette

So there was this ska-punk scene going on in the 90s. Now it seems like the suckiest thing that ever existed. Now we are far into this no-wave, post-everything 1 beat to a bar pretentious drone/sludge/doom misery, some rampant excitement like those bands offered seems like the most un-cool thing ever. Infact it would be less offensive to go to some parties or gatherings and smear shit everywhere than crack out a Less Than Jake record. But look, these people dont get it. Everything has its place and some of those bands had their place.

Against All Authority were not playing, ok they might still be going, so its not really past tense, but they were not playing the regular ska-punk party music that it ended up being for a lot of bands... it was more old school punk rock with some ska parts. Fast, raw, pissed off, altogether sick of everything. More of an Operation Ivy or 80s punk feel to it. The sleeve of the records indicate that with the black and white, anarchy, DIY feel to it, rather than some happy, upbeat, colourful, well produced, major label affair.

So the music is not even that well refined or well produced. Very basic sometimes, just regular punk rock with ska breakdowns with the horns and slow upstrokes. Really fast though, rampant, falling over itself. Rabid. Worth checking out as it could be the one band in that whole genre along with Operation Ivy and The Bosstones that you like.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-09-2013

Keywords : punk ska-punk

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