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Norma Jean - Redeemer

Solid State, Tooth & Nail, Century Media, 2006, CD

After about a million years of being completely fucking sick as hell I got up one day and thought that I should try and listen to music again.

What I found here was a proper record. They absolutely smashed it here.

Ross Robinson produced it. Some people think "Korn, nu-metal" or whatever, but look, he knows how to make it rule. He knows every aspect of how to make it rule. Everyone had the same doubts when he was producing At The Math's Relationship Of Command, but look what happened there. Again, it's similar, absolutely cracked it to make it a heavy rock explosion that all those motherfuckers in the former USSR will try and bootleg like they did with the Tool Aenima vinyl that I just paid for.

Sometimes with these records you read these reviews of some well meaning person going into these details about this song and that song and how it sounds like this and that, and this adjective and that adjective, and this wankers-sub-genre-of-hardcore etc.etc. but with some records you can't defile them by reducing it to that level of comparing it to some pot of shit or claim that they are in a league with a billion other lame bands not fit to even be in the same paragraph. That's what we have here. There is nothing to talk about in any detail because it wouldn't be fitting. It says "post-hardcore" at the top and that's it as far as any detail goes.

The only thing you need to know is that it rules as much as any record I heard in the last 10 or so years. Infact that should have been the first and only sentence. In future I'm going to make it simpler on this site and get across what needs to be said in much fewer words because I have so little energy for and I hope that you trust me enough now to know that I know what a good record is.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-09-2013

Keywords : post-hardcore

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