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Darkest Hour - The Prophecy Fulfilled

Art Monk Construction, 1998, CD

This is an early record from these guys from 1998 which you can also find on a compilation released much later called Archives.

They look really young on the back, like they are still at school but the vocals are quite brutal, almost black metal sounding growling. The overall sound is like real early metalcore, the type that was getting knocked out in Europe in the 90s before anyone even listened to that At The Gates record. Who knows where they were getting it from or what the influences are. It's an amalgam of thrash, death, everything really and with one acoustic track. There are much more accompished records that they made later on but this is still a good listen and much better than a lot of bands from that time.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-09-2013

Keywords : metalcore deathcore

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