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Dead To Fall - Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces

Victory, 2002, CD

This is another one of these At The Gates / In Flames inspired newer death metal bands from the start of the last decade. By then all the nu-metal, pop-punk and certainly ska-punk had drained out of everyone's consciousness to the extent that there was much more interest in this type of metal. A lot of bands sprung up and you had a few on Victory like Darkest Hour obviously.

It's a more timeless kind of metal than some of the other rock and metal variations that become fashionable and it has technicality and brutality to it and a certain spiritual quality. They play it quite well with the usual melodic riffs and beatdowns and screamed vocals. It reminds me most of As I Lay Dying but they deserve to be taken in their own right for what they have achieved here with their first ful-length which puts them towards the top end of the spectrum.

The only thing I would say is that I would prefer to hear a more cohesive record that feels like each song is part of a larger piece and a more grander epic feel throughout but obviously this is their first record and there is enough to make you want to listen again and go see them live.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-09-2013

Keywords : deathcore metalcore

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