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Shai Hulud / Another Victim - A Whole New Level Of Sickness

Trustkill, Goodlife, 2000, CD, Vinyl, Pink vinyl

This is another Shai Hulud split. Here there is one original track which is along the lines of their other releases on Crisis.

Another Victim play decent more regular sounding metallic hardcore.

The thing is here though is that Shai Hulud cover two of the punk revival classics from NoFX and Bad Religion. Both these songs are perfect for this because they both have dual guitar parts and are actually quite profound songs from that genre. They change the bridge part of Linoleum a little but it still rules and Anesthesia is really awesome especially the ending which works well with heavy guitars. I know some other bands have done this style of cover, but here you have two of the finest in this style.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-08-2013

Keywords : metalcore screamo

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