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Shai Hulud / Indecision - The Fall Of Every Man

Crisis, 1998, CD, 10" Vinyl

This is from the Hopes Once Nourished... era of Shai Hulud on Crisis records. They were one of the best metalcore bands coming out of the US at that time with a style that was more refined than many of the other bands. Their style was quite distinct because you have the dual guitars with low heavy riffs and then higher lead riffs always at the same time with interesting melodies. Other bands didn't always do this and often just had the low mosh riffs played from both guitars. The vocals are heavy and clear and sincere sounding. It's not really one of these bands where they are just screaming in a particular style that they have copied... it's more like this is what the guy decided to do because it sounded what was right to do, not what some other bands were doing. Of course this is worth getting if you are a Shai Hulud fan. If you are curious then probably check out the Hearts Once Nourished album first.
The other side of the split is from New York band Indecision. They play a different kind of metalcore with less melody and complexity, but still quite heavy. The singer is the old singer and his style is quite distinct also. It's nothing remarkable and maybe best to start with one of their other records.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-08-2013

Keywords : metalcore

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