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Om - Variations On A Theme

Holy Mountain, 2005, CD, Coloured Vinyl

I thought this would be some staggering epic transcendental headfuck but it just sounds like some half-baked stoner rock. I honestly thought this would rule but I'm struggling to understand why this is good. I don't even like stoner rock. This sounds like they are just having a jam and the guy on vocals is in some trance state uttering some utterances in this robotic sounding voice. I guess I expected something else.

It just reminds me of why I don't smoke weed.

I think though now there is this theme with some scenes and labels in this post-everything modality where they think that they can get some epic, poignant name and have some associated mystic artwork/theme going and then knockout some half-cocked stoner/doom/sludge on coloured vinyl and people will think it is high art.

I'm not saying they think that - maybe they just do what they do and enjoy it. I guess I had certain expectations of these bands like Om and Isis in that they would bring similar feelings to when I listen Vangelis or Eno. The reality though is that Vangelis probably shit out turds more moving than this whole stoner/sludge/doom scene.

Still though I'm going to buy their other records just in the chance that they smashed it at some point and creating some edifice to the absolute.

Reviewed by indigo on 24-09-2012

Keywords : stoner rock experimental rock

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