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Catharsis - s/t

Crimethinc, 1996, CD

This is the first 7" plus a couple of covers plus a couple of extra tracks. This could be considered their first album in a way.

Stylistically it fits into the metalcore of the 90s with the dynamics and build ups and brutal metal riffs. That helps create this "holy terror" sound where the vocalist is raging about the end of the world and all the themes related to that. No doubt in line with the Crimethinc ethos.

None of this style was ever that technical, it was more about the atmosphere and the passion which they create as well as other notable bands from that era like Unbroken and Morning Again. There are some influences from anarcho / hardcore punk aswell which makes it a bit more interesting.

I don't know if the music is so relevant now but it is worth checking out if you are into those kind of bands from the 90s. Samsara and Passion, the band's other 2 records are more developed though.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-09-2012

Keywords : hardcore punk metalcore holy terror anarcho punk

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