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Catharsis - Samsara

Goodlife, Scorched Earth Policy, Crimethinc, 1997, CD, 2xVinyl, Clear vinyl

This is when they got going into this more apocalyptic holy-terror style sound, taking it on from the debut 7".

They really had passion and so maybe that's why they named their next record that. It shows on here of course. I mean really they smashed it with this shit. You lay it alongside some of the 2nd wave American metalcore and it's laughable than anyone even bothered creating some over-produced shit-rock after witnessing a Catharsis show. I guess that's what happens if you live in a abandoned building and eat dead rats or whatever they were doing. You end up in the dark night of the soul one way or another and you get to knock out some classic shit like this where not a single fuck was given at any point.

Then they evolved more of course and by "Passion" they had moved it on further atmospherically into some almost concept-style album and had maxed out the playing and intensity beyond anything that had been known prior to that.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-09-2012

Keywords : hardcore punk metalcore holy terror

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