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Alexisonfire / Moneen - split EP

Vagrant, Dine Alone, Defiance, 2005, CD, picture disc vinyl

I know I like some more brutal bands where they are singing about the end of humanity but I also like Alexisonfire. So I am not going to turn this into some internet shit-fest of this type of music but I would like to point this band out.

They have that something that sets them apart from the whole slew of North American bollox playing this punk rock/metal/emo screaming/singing modern rock thing. They capture what it is to be young and spirited and have some level of innocence. It doesn't feel as offensive as some of the bands that live in this genre. Also, they are Canadian.

Really I wish I had of been in that band instead of learning about computers. Computers are the work of the devil.

So some of their songs reach for that spirit and bring it to their music. They have more class and intelligence than the whole raft of maggots that has become popular.

This split EP has each band covering each other's songs.

I don't even know anything about Moneen.

Mainly I got this because "Accidents" is one of my favourite Alexisonfire songs. What Moneen do to it is really worthwhile to listen if you are a fan. They really went to town with it and made an interesting version where they accentuate certain parts of it like the breakdown. They could have fucked it up easily and turned it into some turd but they didn't.

The other 2 Alexisonfire songs are done really well but for some reason I don't care for the Moneen songs.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-09-2012

Keywords : screamo

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