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Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing

Equal Vision, 1998, CD, Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

Few bands were as heavy or as disturbing as this at the time. Mostly it was a lot of nu-metal bands and punk revival bands that people were listening to who were into alternative music. If they say they weren't they are kidding themselves. Bands like Converge, Coalesce, Botch and Cave In were still underground attractions. This was extreme music, it didn't have the acceptance it has today. If any regular metal fan heard anything like this they would be laughing and joking about "Cradle Of Filth" which was the closest extreme shit that the main metal magazines and media coverage came close to in the UK.

The sound is quite developed for the time when a lot of these 1st wave metalcore bands were quite under-produced, DIY and not so technical. So they got this thick, heavy sound going on with lots of technical riffs. It's a unique style they developed along with some of the other bands I mentioned earlier that did not derive so much from death metal like a lot of later metalcore bands, but more an amalgam of various metal and hardcore styles. They don't really deal in melody; it's all twisted heavy bludgeoning riffs with perverted, jazzy interludes although there is one track "ten cents" which is clean vocals and instruments in a more melodic, shoegaze style.

People talk about the vocals, but I always felt that the vocals are idiosyncratic compared to other metalcore bands and work well in the context of the disturbing brutality. They are not full or deep screams like those found in other bands of this and similar styles, and are actually quite weak sounding and distorted. It works though because they sound twisted enough to fit the music.

Really I prefer these metalcore bands where there is a lot more melodic, death metal style riffs and faster pace rather than this chaotic, serial-killer-goes-to-the-seaside sound, but if you like that style that was going on then that a lot of other bands tried to copy, then this record is one of the best of that era.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-08-2012

Keywords : metalcore avant-garde 90s chaotic hardcore

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