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Baroness - Yellow and Green

Relapse, 2012, CD, 2 x Vinyl, Limited edition vinyl

I have listened to this quite a bit now and I don't really know what to make of it.

I thought at first this was some new over-hyped bullshit but actually they can write and make good music. It's one of the few things I have liked that has been released in the last few years on the level of pure musicality. They just know how to write some good basic rock songs.

On the other hand though I don't really get where it is coming from in some respects. I don't feel in touch with any of the culture of the last 5 years. Half of these new bands I struggle to understand what is being expressed. I don't know what youth is anymore or what anything is so some of these new styles or slants just seem peculiar to me.

Is it this post-everything malaise that now means nothing can present itself in some straight-forward way? Joy cannnot be joy, it has to be skewed with some other shit?

Everything is a smoke filled room even though nobody smokes and smoking is banned indoors.

Does anyone have a clue anymore what this age is about? What is being expressed? I think nobody knows what the fuck is going to happen anymore. After such a thing as this social media web tech headfuck explosion like Twitter and Facebook and ShatSpace I'm not sure anyone can recover. Anything could happen now. They could invent a device that shits out your details onto the screens of millions. Oh, they already did that.

I mean we are a million years from some non-ironic cock rock now. That shit from the 80s like that song at the end of Manhunter. Can you imagine some band pulling that now after all this pretentious stoner/sludge/doom toss?

Reviewed by indigo on 11-08-2012

Keywords : alternative rock prog rock

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