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Disembodied / Brothers Keeper - Oxymoron

Trustkill, Goodlife, 1999, CD, Vinyl, Red Vinyl

Disembodied played some good metalcore in the late 90s. Like other bands around that time such as Earth Crisis, Nora, Indecision, etc, not so much death metal influenced, more straight-forward metalic hardcore. It's not the greatest example but it's pretty good here with the 3 tracks on offer.

Brothers Keeper play more of a groove metal hybrid which was also on the go at that time but never influenced later waves of metalcore and was more associated with rap metal and nu metal styles of that time.

Probably this is nice for fans of either band or as an item of interest rather than essential 90s metalcore. I got hold of the vinyl from Goodlife for 4 euros.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-08-2012

Keywords : metalcore

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